The Cerberus. Chap 3.

The Cerberus. Chap 3.


Months had passed since Tango passed away, now, Aphrodite believes that her ghost roams the forest, keeping away intruders. Now, ever since a Volcanic eruption drove all creatures away from an unknown island, dinosaurs had started to roam around the world. Aphrodite had found a deinonychus egg and kept it until it was full size. It understood her voice and would attack anyone or anything that a certain laser points at. The deinonychus was a female and had been named Zulu, as a certain spot on the long, black stripes running down her sides looks like a Z. One day, when Aphrodite was going to give Zulu some food, she heard two screeches. One was Zulu’s and the other, she realised, was that of a velociraptor… There was going to be a fight.

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