The ice goblin+The flower goblin+The forest goblin

The ice goblin: 

The ice goblin is a rare goblin to find, it is so rare to find because you either find a small goblin in a block of ice. Surprisingly, some people find it at the back of they’re fridge. Usually, the ice goblin want’s to go near the sun because he wants the ice block to melt so the goblin can escape and be free. The ice goblin either crunches on ice to eat or he just drinks water. 

The flower goblin:  

The flower goblin is easy to find, because if you like flowers you will see it on top of the soil. Surprisingly, the flower goblin does not want anyone to water the plant because it will not only make the plant wet. It also makes the goblin wet and the goblin does not want to be soaked with water. Also the thing the flower goblin eats is the the soil from the plant. 

The forest goblin: 

The forest tree is hard to find, because the forest goblin lives on a canopy. Surprisingly, the goblin hates when it rains but he still does not get of the canopy. The reason why he does not get of the canopy is because the goblin is too scared too fall and die. If you are wondering what the forest goblin eats he eats the leaves of a trees.


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