Chapter 2

Chapter 2 

Ava climbed the mountain slowly. Panting with effort, she thought she couldn’t bear it any longer. However, she stumbled along to the top. Just as she reached the top she collapsed with exhaustion. After a couple of hours, she awoke. Ava had forgotten everything! “Where am I?” said Ava looking around confusingly. Slowly her memory came back. She started to walk on.  

 After a while, her memory was clear. At that moment, she carried on walking. Ava was about to give up from exhaustion of walking. Then she remembered the quest, she had no clue what this “quest” was, but she knew that there was a valuable prize. Ava stopped for a minute, to rest, and get her breath back. In the corner of her eye, she spotted an envelope. Ava approached the envelope in anticipation. She grabbed the envelope and read, “Congratulations you have completed halfway.” 

Ava guessed this envelope was for her. She opened the envelope in fear. Ava opened an envelope with £3,000 pounds for completing halfway through the quest. She was dancing in joy. Ava stuffed the money in her pocket slowly and secretively. Ava was skipping along with the money stuffed in her pocket. She was walking for a while now. In the distance she saw a lot of houses, she was guessing that this was a village, Ava wanted to find out more about this village.      


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