Chapter 3

Podkin startled awake. What had woken him? He lay on the cold, dusty floor, listening intently, his ears twitching back and forth. His instincts told him danger was near but where? After a few minutes, he could bear it no longer. He shook Pipkin awake.
“Wossat?” Pipkin mumbled, sleepily.
“WAKE UP!” Podkin stopped shaking him and he sat up, blinking.
“What’s up?” he repeated, confused.
“Something’s wrong,” answered Podkin. “We’ve got to get out of here.”
“I don’t think anything’s wrong,” said Pipkin after taking a searching look around the cave.
“Well, I can’t stay here a second longer,” said Podkin, obstinately. “I’m going.”
After a few more grumbles from Pipkin, the pair of little rabbits burrowed out of the cave. Unknown to them a rusty, bronze spider was scurrying behind them, never letting them out of his sight.
The two boys travelled towards Mountains of Misery, both dreading about what would happen. Hours later, they were tiredly trudging up a steep mountain.
“I’ve got a blister on my foot,” groaned Pipkin, limping in pain.
They, both of them, were exhausted now. Podkin dragged his feet, haltingly and was just about to declare defeat and admit that he could go no further when they stopped. They had reached the peak of the mountain! They had just high- fived each-other, gleefully when, out of nowhere, a voice hissed, “Mine!”
Podkin nearly jumped out of his skin. Pipkin whipped around, searching for the mysterious owner of the terrifying voice, a cold prickle going down his back. Without warning, something seized them from behind. The boys craned their necks to identify their captors, but it was no use. They couldn’t see a thing.
The rabbits felt themselves being roughly shoved into a Rabry (a rabbit lorry). Their journey started with a jolt. An unexpected light started shining from Pipkin’s pocket.
“What’s that?” Pipkin wondered, silently. He reached down and his fingers closed on his map. Writing was appearing slowly onto it. He read, his paws shaking nervously. His heart missed a beat, and he held his breath. This is what the message said:
I am sorry that I must break this heart-breaking news to you, but I feel I must tell you what has happened here…







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