Chapter 4

The next day it was snowing. Snow covered the grass, snow filled the tiles on the roof and the pathways were stuffed with it. The snow became ice and nearly everyone would slip because of it. Mrs Pipes was glaring out of the window in her own world and she repeatedly said, “The Ice.” She would keep on moving her head side to side whilst she said it. My heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t stay sitting down so I went and stood next to Mrs Pipes and I could tell that she was worried about something. The time was ticking very quickly, Mrs Pipes and I had a talk about saving Rory but that meant that we had to find the 2 neighbours. I went outside, the snow went in my sleeves and in my shoes. I went through the village 1000 times and I still couldn’t find those 2 neighbours. The snow answered back to him instead of Rory. 


I stopped and I saw a woman staring through the window. I asked her through the window because it was wide open, “Have you seen 2 people running past your house?” I asked her because she knows everything in this village. Mrs Pipes calls her ‘Mrs Knows It All,’ as her nickname. I had enough of the woman not giving me an answer. “DON’T YOU EVER COME IN MY HOUSE WITH YOUR FILTHY SHOES ON!” exclaimed the woman, she was puzzled about how I came in like that. “Sorry, I really need an answer to if you saw those 2 neighbours or not,” I said politely to the woman. I was really scared of her because she kept staring at me. After a couple of minutes, she slammed the door on my face. I found a bit of shelter so I stayed there for a bit. I saw something that looked like fluffy clouds that fell down and it was the snow, it landed on my shoes. I was looking forwards and I saw a church so I went in there and I kept on praying because I wanted to find those 2 neighbours so that I can save Rory. I love animals, mostly rabbits and cats. I started to get some courage back in me. How will I find the 2 neighbours? How will I get to Rory?  


Those 2 neighbours finally arrived after 30 years. I wasn’t scared anymore. I came back with a lot of mud on me. I first wanted to go check in the mysterious woods if Rory was still there, I went and I saw them talking to Rory. Rory looked depressed with those 2 neighbours, so I went over to my adoring dragon. “He, he, he is my best friend now,” stuttered one of the neighbours. They were both terrified of what I was going to say because they knew that they shouldn’t have gone that far without telling me. The 2 neighbours were older than me so as they were boys they had to go to the war and fight. They both got seriously injured and died. They both couldn’t see their village anymore and they couldn’t see Rory again. Later in the evening, I said bye to Mrs Pipes and went on the train back home. Months later, Mrs Pipes wrote me a letter and it said ‘Sorry, I can’t find Rory anywhere’. I could still see Rory as a ghost in my room, he was still guiding me with his light. 

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