Chapter IV

“We have to find Sharper,” exclaimed Mrs Snark, “ I just don’t know where he can be. We will have to search the whole town for him.”

“Sorry again, for getting Sharper caught. It was not my fault.” said Henry.

“ I know,” she replied, “ So you better be getting off searching for him now.”


Off Henry went, searching for Sharper. He got on his boots and coat and went searching. It certainly was the coldest day in summer. Lightly raining but the wind was so chilly. He first went to the lions on the other side of the woods and looked for him there. He asked the lion keeper where Sharper was but he said that he didn’t know. Then asked the lion keeper if he told anyone about Sharper then he said he was just about to do it now. Henry made the lion keeper not to tell anyone about Sharper, ever.


Henry then went searching in the woods for Sharper. In the middle of the woods, he found a very tiny cottage. It had steam coming from the chimney so he knew someone was in there. He walked up to the door and it creaked open. He took a step in and saw a cat right in front of the door. It tried scratching Henry but it got picked up by a lady. She looked like she was in her 40’s. “And who are you?” she asked fearfully that the boy might have diseases.

“ Hello. I am Henry Fletcher. Yours?” replied Henry, as he sat down.

“ I am Margaret Hill. What are you doing here, stepping into my house? You do know I just cleaned the floor.”she snapped, as she put on the kettle.

“ I just came here to ask something. Have you seen anything strange going on around here?” he asked.

“ Yes, I suppose I have. Yesterday when I went to get berries from the trees, there was a kind of beasty orange dragon flying in the sky. It was heading towards the cliffs.” she stated.

“ Oh. I must have not seen it because I was outside all day. I was going to head there just today.”


After a long time, Henry set out on his journey. He first went to Mrs Snark’s house so he could tell her where Sharper was. He got some supplies and went climbing up the cliffs. It only took a few hours, but he still got there in the end. He took a rest and started searching for Sharper. He was up on the cliffs searching for days but could not find Sharper. He returned back home to Mrs Snark and told her, “ I couldn’t find Sharper on the cliffs. The lady told me she was there but I just could not find him. Sorry.”

“ It’s okay,” sniffed Mrs Snark. 


Several months later, they still searched but could not find him. The war ended so Henry could go back home to his mother and father. He said his goodbyes and got on the train. He was really happy that he was going home but at the same time, he was sad because he didn’t get to say goodbye to Sharper.

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