The end

“OH NO OH NO!” Tim started to panic at the thought that A.J. was going to get mauled to death by Tukuta, soon enough A.J. returned and questioned him on why he was crying and responded that he just stubbed his toe, A.J. and Tim’s belly were both hungry and as they trekked down the stairs their tummies rumbled  with rage as it begged for food. They both scanned the kitchen for food, five minutes later Mr Xavier arrived home and said that he had pizza, at the word pizza the boys both came rushing towards Mr Xavier and searched him for the pizzas. He then told the boys that he was going to put the pizza in the oven and in the meantime the kids could go play, they both thanked Mr Xavier and sucried off to play. “Kids these days are always full of life.” Tim went into his closet and brought out a game, it was his marble game they both had no idea how to play so A.J. went back into Tim’s closet looking for another game.


As A.J. checked the closet he spotted the mice and let out a mid-loud scream, Tim asked him what was wrong and A.J. said that he saw some mice and banged his head. He had forgotten all about the mice Tim started to worry what Mr Xavier was going to say so Tim had no choice but to bring the mice out and introduced them to A.J., he awed at how cute they were despite how he squealed when he first met them they soon both got the idea of checking if the pizza was ready or not but before they left Tim announced to A.J. that he was to not talk about the mice, not even Mr Xavier


Eventually, Mr Xavier called the boys down for dinner as the pizza had finished cooking, Tim shouted back that he was coming down soon but then Mr Xavier said that it was Hawaiian pizza which was Tim and A.J. ‘s favourite food. A.J. dragged Tim down the stairs when Mr Xavier announced it “Bring the mice down too” at that,” Tim and A.J. both exchanged looks and both were nervous, Tim took the cage and they both walked down the stairs and to the kitchen. Mr Xavier took the cage from Tim and placed it in the centre of the table.

“But what about A.J? He now knows that we have mice.”

“Oh I know, he knows, you hid them in the closet.”

“How did you..”

“It’s quite obvious you have a lot of stuff in there so you used it to hide the mice in the closet, Now, let’s eat.” Tim’s brain shushed with loads of thoughts for just a split second because at that moment the most terrible thing happened.


They heard banging from the room that A.J. entered and then a big boom.


“Well kids I hope you enjoyed that story, cause that all happened 94 years ago.” Tim gave a little chuckle, “My old pal A.J, I let him keep the mice for his kids and I got new ones… Now he is dead.”


The End

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