The sad ending

Chapter 4 – Paragraph 1 


The next morning there was a storm. Thunder growled outside from behind the clouds cackling over the weeping willow trees, spying through chimneys and scaring the customers at the fish and chip shop. Mrs Kilding can’t hear a foghorn with her earmuffs on. She’s inside vacuuming the house because today was presentable house day. However, Suzie is upstairs looking out the window, thinking about Alexa. She had to save her. Suzie put on her anorak and faced the harsh rain.Outside, the rain was better than she had expected. She could walk like it was a nice summer day. Inside, she could see Mrs Kilding dancing to her favourite song while making her delicious Victorian sponge cake. Oh, how Suzie loved that. Surprisingly, by the time Suzie had finished admiring Mrs Kilding’s cake the sun had come out making a polished rainbow that flashed through Suzie’s eyes. Suzie skipped along the road that led to the forest.

  • Paragraph 2


She stopped by Mr Cojine’s house and questioned him about his daughter. He always knew the word on the street so why wouldn’t he know where his own daughter was.

“ Hello  Mr Cojine. Have you by any chance seen Millie?” Suzie said in a posh voice . 

“ You better not step in here looking like a dead rat. Gosh why is my Mil-Mils friends with such a grimy girl?! Oh and for the record Millie said that she needed some ‘alone’ time.” he spat harshly in Suzie’s face.

Suzie turned around back into what has now become heavy, drastic rain. She passed by the church to pray for Alexa.

“Oh God oh God please help me out of this depression.” Suzie prayed on and on until she knew nothing was going to happen. She just had to find Millie. Maybe she was already spreading the news. Suzie sobbed as the storm spoke her words, “Millie where are you? I need to find you!”


Now all of this happened over 40 years ago, I am a financial advisor and mental health doctor. Sadly, Mrs Kilding passed away leaving all her property to me including her house and Alexa but Suzie doesn’t realise that Alexa is dead. However, Millie had an unexpected accident and her result was memory loss. She doesn’t even remember her own name anymore. I still dream about Alexa, a faint voice calling her name while I’m running through a corridor waiting to see her. It’s almost like her image has been erased from my memory. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting old. The faint memory of a forever bond.

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