When the sky falls

Chapter 4

The next day, it was flaming hot! Millie could feel the hot bright sun melting her skin like Olaf in the sun. Astonishingly, every person in the whole village was out today, that is not normal. Bottles of sun cream filled peoples tables and every food shop had at least two bottles of sun cream right by the till. It was just the same as the hottest day ever, maybe it was the hottest day ever. Dogs ran from house to house enjoying the hot day it was. Millie walked, she could see the plants gasping for water that they never got in this weather. All of the fans did nothing apart from blow hot air. The only thing they could do to make them cool is go in the sea!

Hmm… Millie thought what to do. Suddenly, an idea clicked.
“Okay if Iris found my secret then who told her it was there, a hot day does not mean no brain day”, said Millie mysteriously. Millie had to find something to do on this boring scorching hot day. Millie began searching. She went past many: car boot sales, food shops and a “Dogs for sale shop”. Millie could not help looking at the cute dogs by the side of her. But she couldn’t stop. She had to find what gave Iris the idea Gizmo was there.

Millie searched and searched until she found a woman that might be able to help.
“Um, excuse me do you know where Rose Mary Cottage is by any chance?” asked Millie, nervously tapping her foot.
“Yes! If you go up the hill, it is on the right,” said the kind lady, sweetly. Millie set of. Millie had found a note earlier that day that said it was at Rose Mary Cottage, that must be where she found the monkey. Iris knew that Millie did not like to share, that’s probably why they got in a big argument. Millie had thought Iris would have known that she had a secret monkey, but Millie thought she had more time to get the monkey in a safer, better place.

Millie thought, “How mysterious. Unless Iris had mind reading powers, it was weird that she had captured Gizmo.”
Millie had been walking through: fields, forests, grass and she went up this hill. Millie knew where her house was she just couldn’t think of it! Its like she just lost her mind.
“I don’t think this woman has lead me to the right place!” Millie whispered to herself. She looked around. It got to hot for her, she had to find a way to get home… and fast. She ran. Faster then she ever had. It was like she was running a marathon. This was just making her hotter, but she had to get to the seaside, or she needs to get home. Now! A few hours later, Millie had stopped! Completely stopped! A metal shut box was right in front of her. She had to go take a look.

All of this was over now. It happened at least 90 years ago. I had returned home. Millie sadly went home many years ago and unfortunately died of old age. Me and Gizmo returned back to the country and saw Miss Smith again! She hadn’t recognised who we where. She was in a care home now. It was quite a few years ago, so today I went back to see the old home. It was different without Millie. It also had all our old clothes, toys, favourite Teddies and our memories. I took one of my Teddies home and two of Millie’s. One for me, and one for Millie’s best-friend. Millie will never be forgotten.

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