When the stars fall By Eloise SWW

Chapter 4

Looking up, Kendall spotted many stars sewn into the night sky. She was laying on the grass, and staring upwards, trying to connect all the stars, like a dot to dot. It was a Saturday night, and Kendall wanted to try star-gazing for the first time. Miss Rose had lent her an old telescope, that had belonged to James Rose. Miss Rose had also told Kendall to be careful with it, since it was old and fragile. All of a sudden, Kendall saw something rushing by in the sky. She grabbed the telescope, a little carelessly, and put her green eye to it. A shooting star! Kendall turned to look inside the cottage, where Miss Rose was still trying to draw out a plan, to find out who stole the jewels.

Sun was streaming in through the windows when Kendall got out of bed that next morning. She sat up and rummaged through her suitcase for her watch. It was a tattered watch, but at least it still worked. 6:30. Miss Rose liked to get up at 7:30 on a Sunday morning, so Kendall had another rummage through her suitcase for a book. She only read the first few pages before the smell of hash browns, bacon and egg wafted into her room. When she got downstairs, she saw that the piece of paper that Miss Rose had been writing on was full of writing and little abstract drawings. It had little arrows too, in a circle, between each drawing, showing which way to go next. It was like a sort of map! She turned to Miss Rose, but she had big dark circles under her eyes, and her face was pale. Kendall knew that Miss Rose wasn’t well. But she also realised that there was post! “You wouldn’t mind getting that for me, would you Kendall?” croaked Miss Rose. So Kendall did as she was told. She read the envelopes, but they all said for Miss Rose. “Could you open and read them?” she asked, sneezing violently into her handkerchief. “Dear Anna, Happy 29th Birthday! Hope you have a good time, especially with Kendall! From, Mary.” “Ah, that would be Mary Williams from Dove Lane.” “But Miss Rose, if you’re sick, you can’t come find the jewels! Wait, I can go on my own, can’t I?” “Why don’t you take Maddie with you?” Kendall agreed, grabbing her coat and shoes.

“So, Anna’s jewels were stolen, you are trying to find them, and you want to bring me along? Ok!” answered Maddie, excitedly jumping down the steps to her house. “Let me just go tell Lauran that I’m going out with you.” In the short time that Kendall had known Maddie, she knew that she could turn to her for anything she needed.

Turning into the forest, Maddie and Kendall heard something. It sounded like rustling from a bush! Quickly but quietly, they hid behind trees to spy. An eerie figure sauntered across the forest, with a tin in its hands. Another figure followed behind. “It’s Joe! With… Oliver? Is that the tin with the jewels, Kendall? I wonder what they have to do with it?” “Same. But I think we have to find out. We need a distraction.” answered Kendall, thinking. “I have an idea! Wait here, I’ll be back in a sec!” and with that, Maddie disappeared. 10 minutes later, Maddie returned with a small rat. “If I know Joe, one thing he hates is rats. If I let him go, he is sure to scream and drop the tin, so they both run away.” “That’s a good idea!” exclaimed Kendall. And with a countdown, Maddie let the rat go. As she expected, the boys ran away, screaming. The girls burst into laughter and started mocking them. “Come on, let’s find the jewels and return them to Miss Rose.”

Two years later, the war was over, and both of the young girls returned home to their daily lives. Kendall and Maddie wrote to each other frequently, writing also to Miss Rose and Lauran. Kendall thought often of how much fun she had had down in the countryside. Miss Rose rewarded Kendall’s bravery by handing her the gold. Kendall guarded that with her life, and still to this day, she keeps this in her bedroom.

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