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Are you going on your first journey as a spy? If so, you will need the Digital Detective Watch. Don’t be the only one on the road unprotected. 


The Digital Detective Watch is the model watch for all spies in the city. It has so many exciting features.

  • Detects every sound on the road.
  • Senses criminals over 3 miles away.
  • Laser to point criminals’ eyes.
  • Waterproof so you can catch people under water.


    This model digital watch has a secret feature which is a        

     That can spin fast and cut the criminals fingers. Even              though it can cut criminald fingers they wont notice that they have cuts on them because it is so fast.


If anyone else wears this they will get stunned as fast as a flash. 


This watch is collaborated with James Bond.


It comes with a free watch strap and a screen protector. Don’t miss out and order now from



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