Chapter 4


Chapter 4

“No, son!” a deep voice bellowed through the island. Don’t do it, He jumped over to his son. In his mind, he didn’t think he deserved to be in this world after all he had done. He had just killed his sister. Whistler was guilt ridden. His Dad clenched on to Whistler, the emotion like chemistry between them.  “Let me go!” Whistler was crying so powerless; he was normally so energetic. His Dad pulled him away and threw him onto the floor. “We are the only thing that can stop the Golems!” He exclaimed powerfully.  “We can stop them, we can save the island.”

“You can do that I just want to jump in and end my life now!” Emotion flooded Whistler’s body; he couldn’t control his tears. Suddenly he saw a glimpse of ice on the other side. The tears stopped; instinct kicked in. They ran as fast as they could up the island. Followed by the Golems they ran into the cave, they were trying their best to lose the gigantic ice golem. “Come back!” shouted the Golem. After long last they came out of the tunnel to the beauty of the Courageous Crumbled Castle. It was a ruin of one of the greatest castles to grace the earth. Maybe they could lose them in the middle of the castle they though. Suddenly they heard a roar it was more like a grumble that shook the island. It was a dragon, and it was gigantic like a dinosaur but with wings. They stood there in awe; it was so big, at least five hundred times the size of a chipmunk. “How are we supposed to get past this?” Whistler asked.

“Just run as fast as you can and be as strong as you. Promise me if I die don’t, blame yourself.” The adrenaline was rushing through their bodies. They did not really care what happened next, they knew the Golems would kill them.  On they went, they dare not to look around they just had to run. Their life depended on this moment, they had nothing more to lose. The Golems were so confused just watching them galloping on,  parading through the castle, they were the opposite of the bull in the China shop, he was a raging bull that had not been fed in months. The dragon glared at the father and son for a few seconds. The dragon roared loudly, swung his tale and devoured the Golems in one gulp. Whistler sighed a big sigh of relief. “Yes, we are free!” Screamed Whistler. The dragon turned round and started to fly over to the Whistler and his dad, not taking his eyes off them the whole time. Whistler looked at his dad, he knew what was going to happen. Whistler’s dad bravely took out the sword. Whistler stood behind his dad. There was a dragon of a beast coming straight into his face. “Bye Dad.” He said full of emotion. “Why are you saying that? We still have one last opponent to battle.” He said with chuckle, throwing him a sword. “Now get by my side and fight this beast.”

At first, he was nervous just holding his sword by his side, but then he decided to try to be like his dad. Brave.  Like father like son, the saying echoing in Whistler’s mind. He ran up to the dragon, every stride as poignant as the one before. Bravely, placing his sword right into the heart of the dragon. “AAgghh!” groaned the dragon. “Son, well done, all those lessons paid off I see.” His dad full of pride.

“Now let’s find a place to sleep.” The next morning, he woke up with aches all over his body from all the work, but he was proud of what he had accomplished. They now had the long journey of beginning their new life just the two of them.

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