Get it or regret it- XX camera pencil

Get it or regret it- XX camera pencil


Are you about to head onto your first spy mission? If so you will need the XX camera pencil. Don’t be the only spy in the country that doesn’t have this amazing word scanning pencil.


The XX camera pencil is without doubt the best pencil for spies. It holds lots of unspeakable features such as a…


  • Camera- be a spy with eyes on a secret file of info
  • Hearing speakers- hear everything from a different area or even a different planet.
  • World clock- Be sure of the time at any time anywhere in the world.
  • Tip of pencil- Use the tip of the pencil to unlock any lock


This extraordinary pencil has the added bonus of a hidden sharpener that can shoot a frozen dart that can freeze your enemy without hurting them. Also there’s a button at the bottom of the sharpener to shoot out a small shiny star when it hits the opponent you can see their thoughts. This can help  with  your plan to stop them.


The most helpful thing about this must have pencil is that only you/ the owner can get into it. This is because it has fingerprint recognition or face recognition. You can choose these safety locks the first time they are on.


This spy gadget is recommended by I.S.G  (International Spy Gadgets)


Comes with free batteries and drive. Order now at

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