Multipurpose Lipstick Eloise SWW

Multipurpose Disguise Lipstick

Calling all master spies! Are all your weapons getting seen by your enemies? Do you need a perfect disguise? The Multipurpose Disguise Lipstick has all your weapons in one! It looks like a standard lipstick, but with one click of a button, it opens up to reveal all the weapons you need:

• A laser for escaping traps
• A control chip ( a small chip that when placed on a human, the spy can control them)
• A taser to catch your enemies
• A mini blade for emergency
• A tool set with a hammer and screwdriver for quick engineering
and much more. This will help on any mission!

This comes with a built-in device to call your boss and colleagues, so you can ring for help wherever you are! Luckily, these Multipurpose Lipsticks come in a pack of five, so all your crew can use one.

The best reason for purchasing this tool is that this gadget is able to transform into a watch to sit on your wrist. You can tell the time, and can go back or forward in time with just the click of the button!

This gadget is recommended by the greatest spy in England – James Bond.

Comes specially with a designer case and extra tools to add inside. Order now at

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