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If you’re a spy don’t lie! We know you want to buy our new Delightful Diary set!


Are you a spy about to go on your first mission?If so why dont you buy our new and improved Delightful Diary Set. There is no doubt this Gadget won’t let you down, so don’t be the only spy without it!


This Delightful Diary holds a bunch of secrets:


-Has a key to unlock any door so you won’t be missing out on any more missions.


-Has a microphone attached to it so you won’t be proven guilty.


– Has a GPS tracker so if it gets stolen you can trace it.


– Camera that records from miles away.


This wonderful Diary kit does not only contain a range of 4 features but more! It also contains a laser that can cut through safes and give electric shocks. This lazer gives 5X more pain than barbed wire. His will leave your archnemisis shocked ( With no serious damage.)


Maybe the best reason to buy this was because it’s unbreakable, but no it’s because it looks sweet and innocent on the outside but on the inside it holds many secrets and gadgets.


This Diary set was recommended by himself the famous spy Gru.


Buy it or deny it, an amazing 50% off at !

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