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Buy One, get One Free- ‘X-Ray scanners mega 1000’


Are you on a mission, wondering how to break through codes? Well, we thought so too! Don’t miss out on our newest brand sale, all filled with life-saving gadgets, our best value for £19.99, our X-Ray scanners mega 1000!


This one and only gadget:

  • Reveals the hardest codes to solve;
  • Scans fingerprints for TOP-SECRET missions;
  • Let’s you see through the toughest materials;
  • Activates its underwater button when your mission is set there, automatically;
  • Contains a microphone and earphone so you can listen to your opponent’s every move.


These are  very unique sorts of glasses, which even have an ultra updated protection over them. Your enemies can’t get their grubby fingers on them because, when you turn on shut down-mode, these lenses will sting them hard, and’ll turn on an alarm so loud you’ll be just in time to capture them.


These are so great that when you look at your opponent, you can see into their thoughts. They come in with their own airpods so you can listen to your agent partner when in need! They are brought with their set of sleeping explosives, don’t worry they’re not toxic!


Our trusty, high professional spy, James Bond himself states so, these could just be the solution to your struggles!


Get them now in stock before it’s too late! You don’t want to miss out! Comes complete with all sets. Get them now, first order 75% OFF, below at:

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