Sticky spy hand

                                        The sticky spy hand

Are you trying to get inside a secret door that has a code? Do you need to get a keycard from a security guard and do you need to track someone? We’ll worry no more the sticky spy hand will help you it has 4 modes shock hand:do you need to nock someone out our power up a robot it will be a shocking experience, hack hand:Need to hack something we’ll smack the sticker hand on it and it will hack it like a hacker, tracking hand:do you need to track someone just throw it on 

that person and you will be able to track the to see them it will do a flashing red light that the Ofer spy’s will see and  sticky hand:do you need to climb on a high place the sticky hand will help you

climb and you need a keycard it will snatch it from that person. If you want it go to

See you there cuter spy!

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