The Secret Spy Glasses

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Are you going on your first spy mission? If so, you have to buy the Secret Spy Glasses. Don’t be the only one in the town without them. If you want to buy it go on,


The Secret Spy Glasses are the best pair of glasses for spies.

The glasses have a lot of cool features like,

  • A hidden mirror so you can see behind you.
  • A button for night vision and one for a speaker to talk to your partner.
  • A laser at the end of the corner.
  • And a hidden knife.


We have upgraded the glasses and added a camouflage stun star, so it can stun anyone whenever you want.( It doesn’t serious injury though.)


Noone else can wear these glasses because it can recognise who you are, and it sets off an alarm that everyone can hear.


These glasses are recommended by Gru.


They come with a free charger and another pair of lenses for free, including free shipping. Order now at   

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