The spy phone

The spy phone 


Have you ever been entrapped whilst spying on somebody? Do you need a helping hand and that thing will come with you every time you go on a mission? If so, you need the spy phone. It is 100% made of titanium and when you turn it off it has a vault-lock on the front so you won’t be hacked and you can spawn your own mansion. When you leave the house it goes invisible so no one sees it so you’re safe.


This phone is a new version of the iphone 13 but way, way better   as it is super waterproof down to 1 million miles below surface. This includes:

  • A parachute that steers towards your house or home point
  • A device tracker that senses where people are.
  • It tells you accurate whether when it rains, sunny, cloudy, thunder and lightning
  • An electric shock device when the phone is more than 5 metres away from the Rolex watch


One Response to “The spy phone”

  1. Well done Oscar.
    I like the The spy phone.
    By Olivia

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