The Wailing Watch

BUY NOW-The wailing watch

It’s officially on sale and is only on sale till the end of July.

They are selling out quickly so don’t miss your chance.

 The wailing watch is not just any watch it is made for professional spies if you are in need of help.All you have to do is rub the top of the and it will let out a big siren at the spy academy base to alert the other spies. It also comes with an emergency teleportation device if no spies to to the rescue.

If you would like one search

3 Responses to “The Wailing Watch”

  1. I like the idea of the product and how exciting you made it sound . Why should I buy this watch ? Maybe try not using the word “ spies “ as much in the advert .

  2. I like that it goes to a spy headquarters.

  3. I like this idea.
    Why do you have to rub the top?
    Just make sure it doesn’t look like to much to read or people won’t read them.

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