Rock giant Benjamin SWW

The rock Giant
The rock giant is a endangered species. Over the years, the numbers have been going down rapidly. It is believed that there are only two breeding pares.

What does is the appearance of the rock giant?
Would you be able to recognize a male rock giant if you saw one? In fact, you could but only if its not curled up into a ball. The male has grey skin which sheds into little pebbles that is noticeably large. The male rock giant looks very similar to the brick giant because of its unusual size. In fact, the rock giant is slightly large than the tree giant. Its legs are a couple meters long than the usual giant. The main features are, long, bulky legs, massive torso, arms the that can knock buildings over and not be damaged and a wooden bat covered in deadly spikes made from rock.

What does the female’s appearance?
However, the female are slightly shorter than the male. Its teeth are like incinerators. The main feature of a female rock giant include: Legs thinner than the males, a torso the size of a house and arms that are rarely seen. The females skin is like touching the fabric of heaven. Only the female has a pair of boots on because that show if their married or not. If they don’t you would know their not married.

What is the behavior of the rock giant?
Regularly the rock giant is out at night. amazingly, the rock giant likes to water the flowers trim the hedges back and cook the best food in the forest. In the day it would curl up in the darkest area of the forest and sleep. If you see a unusually large rock in the forest. Don’t climb on it because it is might be a rock giant that will though you to the other side of the forest. Weirdly, they live underground in burrows.

What is the diet of the rock giant?
Unusually, the rock giant has a unrestricted diet. The rock giant likes to devourer: rock cakes, roots, dead grass and many more. It does try to eat plastic to keep its home clean. In 1765, the rock giant was discovered eating whole trees in one go. Everyone thinks that it was making room for its home.

The most amazing thing about the rock giant is that is very good at cleaning the forest from litter. But today the rock giants cant keep up with the flow of the litter so most have been killed by a lethal amount of litter. Even today they try to save the population.

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  1. Super work Ben! I liked you use of questions which encourages the reader to seek the answers.
    I was impressed with your power of three sentence in the paragraph about the giants behaviour but you could just tighten that punctuation on the first sentence there. You are really getting some great comma work after those adverbial starters.

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