The Swamp Giant


The Swamp Giant

The swamp giant is a special specie of giant, it was common but now it is very rare.

Male Giants have woven vines as hair, it flops to one side and reaches an amazing height of twelve inches. They have a distinctive voice because it makes a threatening rumbling noise. Dark brown bark hangs over its legs; like perfect unique shin-pads. Male Swamp Giants have a large robust belly and have stubby legs only just supporting them, and their large body weight. One amazing fact about them is they have finger nails made out of fresh swamp water.

However, female swamp giants have a bushy top heavy style of hair, they have large bushes as hair it reaches to a whopping twenty-one inches. The tallest ever recorded by a famous explorer; Dora thee Explorer was forty-two inches. They have a slim, slender body coloured a bright silver unlike the male species because they are an emerald green colour. Their eyes are bulged and are blood red even though their shy nature keeps them indoors. Also they have small but tall skinny legs.

Swamp Giants have a strange awkward behaviour. They are nocturnal and usually stay in their own home at night. However, they live alone and do not socialise alot meaning they are horrible and have bad manners in public (public meaning other giants, or unlucky humans.)

They are vegetarians and only eat various vegetation such as: home grow lettuce; fresh luscious grass found mostly anywhere; and even wild garlic and carrots. They also enjoy onions but some despise the taste because of the sharp nasty after affect in their mouths.

One amazing fact to round it off is that if you find one living in a small welcoming cave they will grant you and endless pot of leftovers from their own meals, so not so pleasing.

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  1. A Swamp Giant – what a good idea but sounds a bit messy- I wouldn’t want one in my house.
    Well organised into paragraphs Harry. Some good description of what they look like and a good formal style.
    Well done!

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