Abstract Rooms

In the room of fear,

I turn to see a pile of eyes staring into my soul

and total darkness.


In a room of exhaustion,

I fell asleep soundly like a koala.


In a room of craziness,

I found an insane idiotic famous idols running around crazy.


In a room of horror,

I hunted for a light switch like an explorer

and flicked it on and of in terror

As the switch began to make a tune.


In a room of joy,

I saw smiley face faces dancing around the room 

and my brain started to go insane

and happy pills on the floor cursed my brain.


In a room of excitement,

I was in a jungle juggling jagawas 

and monkeys’ majestic fur waving at me.


In a attic of terror,

Blue, Green Orange and Purple

and Purple coming towards me grabbing my legs in while he’s in the vents

and Orange starting fires when he’s hangry.

One Response to “Abstract Rooms”

  1. Well done Mia

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