Adventure 1

Finally,they were ready to leave. 

At dusk, when the sun was ready behind the horizon, a message had arrived from the Elder Dray – a black bird carrier – to say that the Gorm were approaching Oakwood Warren. No one was  safe. The ancient Oakwood Warren had been many cold winters ago and were simply too weak to withstand an attack from the Gorm. 


 And  so it was that the three rabbits Parker, Paz and Preston left the familiar, cosy, warm home. They were going to travel to Parker farm then go to the boat station to then go to Brave Man Bridge then a new home which was a cosy warm home. Even the Gorm could not cross the magic bridge because there is a spell that can tell if they are bad guys, if you were you would fall to your death but if you are a good guy  you can go in. The three siblings knew they would be safe from the Gorm there.


Desperately clinging to the old, ancient map, they went to Parker farm to hide with the ponies and ran to the end of the farm. They needed to stay for a night as a trio in Parker Farm with sleeping bags on the floor to sleep for the night so they can rest for the night then go again. 


That evening, as the  warm sun set,  the trio were ready to have a meal of carrots, raddish, and oak cakes  that they had  managed to bring from home. They ate in silence on the 2nd floor that they were given at the farm, Preston yawned and snuggled into Paz and was soon snoozing. Parker had to look outside then lock the door. Parker found that his sleep did not go well and he thought the Gorm would come for his family and him. Will his family and him make the Brave Man bridge? 


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