Chapter 1 – Leaving the warren

Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren 


That night, a warning alarm was sounded stating,

‘’ The Gruk will launch an attack and be ready ‘’ no-one would be safe.

The warren was way too old to survive an attack from the Gruk so they would have to figure out a way to escape.


So, it was those three rabbits Pip , Pop and baby Pup. That day Pip , Pop and baby Pup left their warren on their journey to safety. It would take at least a week to get there. Fortunately they had packed some food to munch on, their destination was the Mighty fire warren not even the Gruk could enter it.


On the escape route, the rabbits were one day into their journey, Pip , Pop and Pup were already worn out. Pip tugged on her fur coat and carried on walking, Pop and Pup were so tired but Pip said to carry on walking. Two days later, Pip , Pop and Pup knew they were not close to the warren, Pop said to Pip ‘’ what if the Gruk catch us ‘’ Pip replied 

‘’ they won’t if we carry on walking ‘’ Pop listened to Pip and carried on walking.


Lacking behind Pip , Pop held on to baby Pup’s tiny paw Whilst carrying baby Pup. 

Pip , Pop and Pup were all scared. Three days later, the rabbits had got some sleep and had a proper meal. As the sun began to fade and the shadows began to disappear in the forest Pip , Pop and Pup shut their eyes.

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