colours of doors

Go and open the pink door,

you will see candy floss melting,

flamingos dancing,

even pink cotton wrapped around the room.


Go and open the gingerbread door,

maybe there is an acorn,

as the smell of coconuts

and hot chocolate fill the room.


Go and open the smoke room,

the floor full of pebbles,

enormous elephants towering over you

with grey parrots copying your every move.


Go and open the cyan door,

you might see a bush of blueberries,

a glass window where you can see

the sunny sky and the diamond blue ocean.


Go and open the scarlet door,

you will find rose petals

scattered on the floor with

the smell of strawberries and chillies.


Go and open the orange door,

the comfort of pumpkins faces glaring at you,

flames rising up giving you a shock

and goldfishes swimming in their tank catching your eye.

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