Leaving the warren

Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren 


Finally, their journey begun,


That evening, a Gorg member lost its way and ended up arriving at Water Bough. The Water Bough Chieftain sent a letter to the other Warrens warning them of the news.Water Bough would be safe until the Gorg were there.The Warren Water Bough had tough, dark, untouched trees and high security.


So the three rabbits set off, Niyah, Niavh and baby Novea, they all knew it would be a difficult journey to Fuji Warren and Sandy Shores Warren.It would  take at least a minimum of a week to get there, only Niyah knew the route they needed to follow.It’s been years, since anyone entered Fuji Warren’s territory as far back as Chieftain’s Keon coronation.When Niyah ran off.


Remembering the thoughts, the group of rabbits journeyed to the Fiery Cannons to find warmth for the night.Cleverly, Niyah knew that Niavh and Novea would be hungry so she packed blast-berry juice and Mother Ellie’s pasta bake.For dessert Niyah made a chocolate gateau cheesecake. The cannons were a good place

 to rest, providing warmth and shelter from neighbouring eyes.


As soon as everyone was up, they made their way to the Light -house Island to go to Sandy Shores Warren , around burning rocks, over cliffs and through a fast river.Once they had reached the other side they climbed up the stairs to the top of the light house to see if they can rest there for the night.


Unfortunately, none of the rabbits could go to bed with an empty stomach , so the eldest Niyah let them have a nibble of the food, in order for them to go to sleep.Distracting, Niavh turned the light off to go to sleep. In the night, baby Novea woke up Niyah warning her of the sound of heavy iron clinking and clanking together.


As the iron was banging together the three rabbits got ready to escape by tying a rope to the light and climbing down one by one they went down.Hoping to not attract notice they tip-toed away in silence.Do you think they would get to safety, who knows?

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