The Doors Of Color

The Doors of color

Go and open the lapis door,

maybe you will see an aqua pool,

or a tiny teal teacup that holds a hot, sweet drink,

or a sky-blue butterfly that flies around the world.


Go and open the rose door,

maybe you will find some crimson blood that is flowing from soldiers’ wound,

or a poppy post box that holds many secrets,

or a searing scarlet chili pepper that could set anyone’s mouth on fire


Go and open the pear door,

you could find an emerald cactus gleaming in the sunlight,

or a shamrock lizard, creeping around the forest,

or a lime green field of grass.


Go and pen the flint door,

maybe you will find a stone elephant,

or a graphite pile of fire ash,

or a smokey seal that glides around the big vast ocean.


Go and open the carrot door,

maybe you will find a tangerine fox waiting to catch its unlucky prey,

or a fire basketball waiting to be bounced,

or an apricot goldfish that aimlessly swims away.


Go and open the ink door,

maybe you will see a jet-black car tire,

or a coal crow flying through the night sky,

or a soot shadow stalking me everywhere I go.

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