The strange doors.

Go and open the white door,

maybe there is shiny eggs crackling,

doves fluttering their wings gracefully

or frosty snowflakes trickling onto your hands.


Go and open the walnut door,

maybe there is falling conkers beneath the trees,

a violin performing a song

or a growling bear beneath a cave.


Go and open the door of the mysterious room,

maybe there is a dopey-eyed dog eating a carrot,

a terrific tree budding hotdogs

or you may see a frog made of chocolate.


Go and open the flaming door,

maybe there is a blinding blaze of sunlight,

coal being launched at your feet

or sickening smoke rising above you.


Go and open the emerald door,

maybe you might see a lizard with shimmering skin,

a dancing wave of leaping leaves

or vibrant lime fruit in your hand.


Go and open the ruby door,

you might find a flood of rushing blood,

a field of dazzling poppies

or an exotic patch of strawberries.



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