alex forest 2022 behined the door

Go and open the current door,

maybe you will see a pretty crimson dragon

Bathing in a sunlit pool sipping a dragon fruit cocktail.


Go and open the orchid door,

Maybe there is an amethyst pearl dangling from

A quartz brooch hanging from a rich woman’s neck

plum hair trailing behind.


Open the navy door,

Maybe there is an immaculate parade at your command 

As you slice through the water

or the smart hms defence waiting to be sailed.   


Open the biscoff door,

Maybe you will find the scrumptious spread

Or my mums gorgeous homemade blondies

Or me sneaking a lick.


Open the pink door 

maybe you will smell gorges pork cooking it’s tasty sent 

wafting in my nose

Or a peach blushing in the sunlight 

Maybe a dragon fruits georges inside. 


Open the pumpkin door 

Maybe you will see  a spooky pumpkin 

nestled gently on a yam brick 

Or a scary costume jumping in your face

 its flesh tingling other your  face .

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