Behind the door

Go and open Amber door,

Maybe there is honey dripping down the polished walls,

Lemons that make you squeeze together or people dancing for glory.


Go and open the Coral door,

Maybe you will find Coral reefs surrounding the room,

Starfish striking to the walls like stickers in a child bedroom 

Or a mermaid with a tail like the sunset singing confused looking at a submarine.


Go and open the Rose pink door,

Maybe you will find a rosy sky during sunset,

A castle with a queen with only pink dresses or a magical creature rearing of freedom kicking away pink roses.


Go and open the periwinkle door,

Maybe you will find a magical lake with periwinkle sprinkles,

Merhorses playing joyfully or periwinkle flowers that make you feel beauty inside you.


Go and open indigo door,

 Maybe you will find blueberries hidden in the bushes,

A person in an indigo hoodie searching the galaxy curiously with his telescope.


Go and open the vermillion door,

Maybe you will find a japanese new year festival,

A stand that sells folding fans or a japanese dragon costume with in it happy people.


Go and open the gold door,

 Maybe you will find golden leave,

Golden trees or maybe the rose from beauty and the beast peeling his petals of sadly.


Go and open the silver door, 

Maybe you will find your deepest darkest secret not hidden any more,

Chains ratling around you or and moths surrounding you dullfully.



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