Behind the door


Go and open the lavender door,

maybe it is a room of morning glories

sat in a field waving at you,

you might feel joyful.


Go and open the midnight door,

maybe you will see a black panther,

roaring through the night ,

it would make you feel scared’

or maybe a black angelfish.


Go and open the bubble gum door,

maybe you will see a flamingo,

it would be amazing to see,

or you could see a pig rolling around in mud.


Go and open the sea green door ,

you might see pond scum sitting

on a river

you will probably feel disgusted

or you might see sharp catices.


Go and open the tiger door,

you might see flames from,

a fire dancing through the night

you might feel scared.


Go and open the ruby door,

you might see a red dragon

flying through the night sky

you might feel worried.






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