behind the doors

Go and open the Rose door,

maybe you will see donuts rolling 

down the road,

the scent of freshly baked muffins or a 

Baker showing off.


Go and open the ash door,

maybe there is a boulder rolling 

down a hill,

the anger from the citizens or a

catapult launching rocks at the castle.


Go and open the apricot door,

maybe you will see a delicious chocolate cake 

wating patiently in the fridge,

the smell of cinnamon or a

Brown bear singing loudly 


Go and open the cherry door,

maybe there

Is a cherry falling off 

A tree,

the aggression of dogs or

Two children play fighting.


Go and open the amethyst door,

maybe there is lavender waving

In the wind,

the peacefulness of laying in a field or a

Violet-backed starling whooshing around.


Go and open the golden sand door,

maybe you will see clumps of sandstone

Getting sandier by the minute,

the confusion of so much sand or the

Overwhelming of no water.


Go and open the rust door,

maybe you will see piles of bronze 

For the rich,

The smell of copper from the factories or 

the rusty chains off of a cruise.


Go and open the berry door,

maybe there will be blueberries sprouting 

Off of the cultiver,

the tranquil of the taste of a durian or

Bananas falling off the tree. 

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