Behind the doors of mystery…

Behind the doors of mystery…


Go and open the midnight door,

maybe there is a friendly

shadow leading the way

through the darkness.


Go and open the jade door,

maybe there is a green

ore group such as emerald

I’m having optimism for that.


Go and open the sapphire door,

maybe there is a peaceful

water lagoon flowing in the sun.


Go and open the amethyst door,

maybe there is purple ink

clusters chilling on rainbows.


Go and open the porcelain door,

maybe there will be a group

of mysterious lamps which

are infiltrated with spirits.


Go and open the kelp door,

maybe you will find different

seaweed, but don’t eat it

though or you will get sickness.


Go and open the rainy door,

maybe there is a deep frost

surrounded with eternal sadness.


Go and open the golden door,

maybe if you look closely you

can see gold atoms and

feel the richness there.

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