go and open the amethyst door

Go and open the cherry door,

Maybe you’ll taste cranberry juice,

Or feel pain and anger in yourself.


Gp and open the teal door,

Maybe you’ll feel the ocean  crashing into a rock,

Or have a sudden calmness in you.


Go and open the honey door,

Maybe you’ll see a beehive hanging from a tree,

Or have a rush of energy run through you.


Go and open the cream door,

Maybe you’ll find a jar of fluffy clouds,

Or feel a dread of loneliness.


Go and open the sand door,

Maybe you’ll find a glowing glistening sand castle,

Or feel your anxiety booming if it collapses.


 Go and open the gold door,

Maybe you’ll see piles of gold bars on the floor,

Or have a joy of happiness.


Go and open the amethyst door,

Maybe you’ll find a cove full of sugilite gems,

Or have a really creative mind.


Go and open the mint door,

Maybe you’ll find a mint chocolate ice cream,

Afterwards you’ll feel refreshed.

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