Go and open the door:

Go and open the marmalade door,

Maybe you’ll see cruel, lively pumpkins

munching on oranges and honey.


Go and open the seaweed door,

Maybe you’ll see lots of green

seaweed dancing around waving their leaves.


Go and open the butterscotch door,

Maybe you’ll see joyful flowers gazing at

the sun in the room of joy.


Go and open the wine red door,

Maybe you’ll see cherries growing and

wine being drunk aggressively in the aggressive room.


Go and open the plum door,

Maybe you’ll see grapes getting squished

and lavender with eyes staring at you in the room of fear.


Go and open the peacock door,

Maybe you’ll see butterflies flying feeling



Go and open the watermelon door,

Maybe you’ll see gum being chewed and

roller skates moving by themselves.


Go and open the mocha door,

Maybe you’ll see lonely cups of coffee

sitting on a lonely bench waiting for someone.

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