go and open the door

Go and open the red door,

Maybe you will see ruby red jewel’s,

Or the anger when you lose a new phone case.


Go and open the brown door,

Maybe you will see a stained t-shirt,

Or a moca waiting to be drunk..


Go and open the blue door,

Maybe you will see sadness at a funeral,

Or a sky turning grey.


Go and open the purple door,

maybe you will see the queens old dress,

Or marbles that will trip you up.


Go and open the pink door,

Maybe you will find a book about pink,

Or a tie dyed t-shirt.


Go and open the yellow door,

Maybe you will feel a bit of frustration,

Or a picture of bumblebees.


Go and open the black door,

Maybe you will see bats surrounding you,

Or a bucket of paint.Go and open the green door,

Maybe you will see money on the floor,

Or an emerald that costs millions of pounds.

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