go and open the door

Go and open the red door,

maybe,you’ll see a volcano erupting,

Or feel the anger bubbling through you.


Go and open the candy pink door,

maybe,you’ll see sweets,

or feel the sickness rushing through you.


Go and open the green door,

maybe,you’ll see Tarzan swinging branch to branch,

or feel the jealousy .


Go and open the brown door,

maybe,you’ll see a land made from chocolate,

or feel the hunger.


Go and open the yellow door,

maybe,you’ll see sunflowers,

or feel the happiness.


Go and open the purple door,

maybe, you’ll see amethyst,

or feel the interest going through you.


Gp and open the blue door,

maybe, you’ll see the deep blue sea,

or feel the sadness.


Go and open the white door,

maybe, you’ll see daisies,

or feel intrigued falling through you.

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