Go and open the door…

o and open the hot pink door,

And you might see your makeup brush ,

that you lost at your friends.


 Go and open the navy door 

you might say a ball that ,

Your dog lost at a park.


 Go open the lipstick door ,

 You might see some cherries

 on the table shining.


 Go and open the orange door ,

You might see a pumpkin 

With a scary face on it.


Go and open the lime door ,

Were limes are staring at you

With smiley faces


Go and open the iron black door,

You might see a bat that is scary

that you don’t like.


Go and open the violet door ,

You might see a puffy jacket

That you love.


Go and open the butterscotch door,

You might see smiley faces 

everywhere you go.

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