Go and open the magic door – Chloe SWW

Go and open the magic doors.

Go and open the black door,

maybe you’ll see a silky ebony cloth that blocks the sunlight, or a stormy cloud waiting for revenge.

Go and open the berry red door,

maybe you’ll see a crimson forest in the middle of autumn,

or a thousand hurtful words.

Go and open the marigold door,

maybe you’ll see frosty fire reaching to the sky, or oranges stacked to eternity.

Go and open the dandelion door,

maybe you’ll hear the dark sun singing, or see the sunflowers dancing.

Go and open the brown door,

maybe you’ll see a coffin being lowered into the ground, or soil making life.

Go and open the grey door,

maybe you will smell spiralling smoke, or feel the fur of a seal.

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