Go and open the mysterious

Write a magical poem imagining what might be found beyond different doors in the Emporium.

Go and open mysterious the doors.

Go and open the pastel blue door,
maybe you will see waves towering over surfers.

Go and open the cream white door
Maybe you will feel the tips of flowers pouring out of the ground.

Go and open the brown door ,
Maybe you’ll smell the dust from a ancient library,
ready for all of it’s secrets to be revealed.

Go and open the emerald door
maybe you will see eyes staring right back at you.

Go and open the pink door
Maybe you’ll see a book not ready to be read!

Go and open the light yellow door
Maybe you’ll see a box
with everything inside you dreamed of.

Go and open the black door
Maybe you will find stars resting in the sky.

Though the door of food,
you’ll find everything you need, to lick the sofa.

Though the grey door,
Maybe you will see a pot of potion
that shouldn’t be drunk.

Go and open the dark red door
Maybe you will see rubies reflecting off from the sun.

Finally, though the rainbow,
you will see everything you want in any colour.

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