Go on and open that door Ella SWW

Go on and open that door

Through the main entrance of the Nowhere Emporium,
you will see wonders and imagination blowing in the wind.

Go on and open the scarlet door,
maybe you will see a volcano getting ready to explode and excited to hear the people screaming.

Through the gem door,
you will see diamonds, topazes, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and amethysts calling to you to chip them out.

Through the rainbow door,
You will see rainbows covering every corner in the room.

In the lapis door,
You will see the ocean where fish and animals are happy.

Through the jade door,
there are shadows appearing every time you move.

In the mint door,
you will see clouds floating in the sky and the grass dancing.

Through the frost door,
you will see arctic foxes playing in the snow with nothing to bother them.

In the violate door,
you may see kids all lining up in a row at school.

Through the denim door,
you will see black appear everywhere.

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