Have I ever?

 I have never touched a flaky, fire breathing dragon

But I have touched the silky, soft sand of Troon beach.


I have never flied to mars with an elephant co-pilot

But I have watched a rocket take off to space.


 I have never watched the scarlet strawberry sunset from a balcony in Greece

But I have watched a sunset gracefully change colour on Barassie beach.


 I have never smelt the fresh pastries coming out the oven in France

But I have smelt the freshly baked bread in my grans kitchen.


 I have never seen an eagle take flight ready to hunt for its prey

But I have seen a hot air balloon take off.


 I have never watched the risky streets of New York, all the yellow taxi cabs, all the honking of horns and the shouting drivers

but I have watched the busy streets of Glasgow while walking past.


I have never heard the clip clop of a unicorns hoofs on the road 

But I have heard the bagpipes being played outside Edinburgh castle.

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