I have and I have not

I have never met Cristiano Ronaldo the legend of football 

but I have met Billy Gilmour the Scottish boss.


I have never seen Mbappe score for Paris saint German 

but I have seen Cameron Carter Vickers score a  brilliant volley 

for Celtic against St Mirren.


I have never seen Maradona in the world cup final

 score the hand of god but I have seen Vinicious Jr 

Score the winning goal in the champions league final on the tv.


I have never touched the scaley skin of a fire breathing dragon 

But I have touched the wet skin of my dog after his walk.


I have never ridden a Lamborghini to New York city

But I have been driven to England in a Citron.


I have never climbed up Mount Everest while singing shotgun

But I have climbed up a little hill.



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