I have never ………..

I have never swam with a dolphin,

but I have paddled with a bunch of minnous at Santon Downham .                                                                           


I have never jumped into an expensive pool,

but I have been in a little pond. 


I have never been to Norwich Castle, 

but I have visited Wroclaw in Poland . 


I have never been to Buckingham Palace,

but I have walked through a Victorian Workhouse. 


I have never been on an electric scooter, 

but I have ridden a motorcycle. 


I have never seen a killer whale,

but I have caught a tiger shark.


I have never observed a platypus,

but I have seen a mini dragonfly buzzing through Thetford Forest. 


I have never slipped off a tree, 

but I have fallen off a ladder in my back garden. 


I have never tasted caviar ,

but I have eaten Fish N’ Chips at Sea Star.

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