I have Never

I have never broken a new toy, but I have broken a washing machine.

I have never beaten King Kong in an arm resell, but  I have beaten my sister.

I have never chopped down a massive tree with a sharp diamond axe, but I have claimed, a tree.

I have never jumped in to a long chimney, but I have jumped on my bed.

I have never yet been a you tuber, but I have watched you tube.

I never held a real gun, But I have played laser tag.

I  have never drunk a potion of invisibly, but I have drunk a glass of water.

I have never been to the Bahamas, but I have been to Belgium by car.

I have never jumped of a cliff, but I have jumped on my seat.

I have never seen Apollo 11 flying over 10,000’s of houses and villages, shops and people, but I have

seen a massive Red kite circling around it’s prey.




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