I have Never

I have never ran 10,000 miles but I have ran 2k at the Hartham park run.


I have never stroked  a green dragon scale but I have petted my cute cat named Oscar


I have never been to a dance with  Harry Potter but I have danced with my BFF Laura at the schoolDisco .


I have never wrestled a firce  dragon but I have fought my little brother.

I have never watched the beyond compare  Northan lights but I have watched the sun set in Crete.


I have never Jumped over white fluffy clouds  but I have eaten pink fuzzy candy floss.


I have never boogied with Gorge Ezra but I have danced with my family.


I have never stolen the Queens tiara but I have stolen a biscute from the kitchen.


I have never painted a moving animal but I have painted myself.

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