I have never

I have tasted a big juicy orange sitting in the sun beam 

But I have never sat with a crocodile on a beach having 

Pino coladas in the scorching sun.


I have seen a  harsh hawk before in my garden

But I have never seen a golden eagle graciously fly over a rainbow

In the alps.


I have built a tree house in Minecraft

But I have never seen someone build a giant

Mansion with their bare hands in 30mins.


I have seen someone score a goal in football

But I have never seen someone run by a whole team

With great skills.


I have seen a car crash before

But I have never seen two rocket ships collide as one goes 

Up and the other comes done.


I have smelt the wonderful smell of pastries

But I have never tasted a golden chicken nugget fresh out

The oven.


I have heard my dog bark early in morning

But I have never heard a wolf’s howl at the dawn

Of night.

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