I have never

I have not rode a wale into the beautiful burning sun set in the warm waters of Hawaii.

But I have rode a colourful surf board through the vast sea of the tropical waters of Cyprus.


I have never seen the colourful rainbow northern lights in the snowy cold north pole.

But I have seen beautiful glaziers and frozen water falls in Norway were snow falls gently.


I have never been in the sea being flooded by the dark stormy waves miles tall and wide.

But I have been to Center parks and being pushed back by massive waves with my friends and. family 


I have never rode in a privet yacht in the warm summer beaches next to tropical islands.

But I have been on a luxury cruise in the Caribbean’s with big pools and good food.


I have not ran to France then to Spain and back 20 times a then ran the moon and back.

But I have ran an 100 meters and came second I was so tired that day and 10 minutes after that I had another race.

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