i ve never …

I’ve never jumped off of Mount Everest,

but I have jumped on the trampoline in gravity.


I’ve never travelled to Korea,

but I have driven to the workhouse in Gressenhall.


I’ve never swam to Greece,

but I have floated in a pool at Thetford swimming centre.


I’ve never held an alligator,

but I have cuddled a burmese python.


I’ve never ridden a horse ,

but I have driven a car in Lego Land.


I’ve never seen a raptor dancing with Barney,

but I have visualised Lexi doing a cartwheel.


I’ve never hugged a giant panda,

but I have kissed a two toed sloth.


I’ve never ridden an elephant in Africa,

But I have driven a golf cart in Haverhill. 

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